The Nesting Mavic Drone!


nesting-mavicThe other afternoon I flew my UAV to capture pictures of the late autumnal colours in our woodland. ‘Nothing difficult there’ you may be thinking, the trees are hardly likely to run away or dive behind each other to avoid the camera. However I noticed during the flight that a herd of deer had appeared. Wanting to see how close I could get to them before they ran I manoeuvred the drone closer and closer until suddenly and without warning the drone activated RTH (or return to home!). Whoops!…

“Returning to home,”
said the drone,
as it turned and started to fly,
“That’s OK!'”
I was heard to say,
before saying simply “Goodbye!”

Off it went,
electronically sent,
flying over the wood.
I didn’t see,
the tallest tree,
but it’s forward sensors could.

It suddenly froze,
then arose,
perched on a branch above!
When it was found,
high off the ground,
too high to give a shove!

Russell tried to climb,
but after time,
couldn’t reach the UAV
John then came,
with bamboo cane,
from the cage on the JCB!

It now knows,
not to nest like crows
and the height of the tallest tree!
I once again think,
the weakest link,
without a doubt is ME!

The Rescuers!

The Rescuers (with Bamboo)!

I was lucky, the damage amounted only to four new propellors. I now know not to laugh at drone crashes on YouTube, as it can happen to anyone!

© Baldock Bard 2016
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