The Puppy Plumber!


puppy-plumberThe other day I was attempting some amateur plumbing (or ‘Amateur Dramatics’ as Mrs Bard would say!). I realise I am getting old and tools have a habit of playing Hide and Seek, only to be discovered weeks or months later, but on this occasion tools were disappearing quicker than if someone had shouted ‘Fire!’…

I was on my back under the sink,
attempting to fit a new tap,
when all of a sudden tools went astray,
“Who on earth’s taken that?”

The spanner I’d used a minute before,
a wrench, washer and pipe,
all had completely gone from view,
with a cloth (handy to wipe!).

Then there came a yap from next door,
like a puppy laughing at me!
There in her bed lay my missing tools,
she looked as smug as a puppy could be!

Puppies can be fun but they can also interrupt your day in ways you could never imagine – you have been warned!

© Baldock Bard 2016
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