The Never-Ending Lift!


Going Up!The other day I was in a lift at a hospital. I left my car so high in the multi-storey car park that I was expecting to look down on the International Space Station. I normally take the stairs (to make up for the time spent sack-like at my desk!), however I decided to take the lift. As I travelled down using up zero calories I remembered a lift at another hospital…

Mrs Bard and I had been to see,
Old Bill, who used to work for me.
His ward was near the very top floor,
We could see the car-park from near the door.
“Look there’s Jane,” said Mrs Bard from the window,
She was visiting Bill (his close friend, a widow).
“I can see her getting out of her car,
It looks like a Matchbox toy from afar!”
We went to await her arrival by lift,
It came up full, if you get my drift!
Every time the lift did appear,
We saw her waving from the rear.
The doors would screech under the strain,
And she’d go back to the ground again!
Three times we heard her politely cough,
At the fourth she finally got off.
Thereafter she used to use the stairs,
To save herself from ill-tempered glares!

© Baldock Bard 2014
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