Two Years On! The Devil (is in the detail)


two yearsToday is the second anniversary of my blog, or so I thought. However as the first original verse was posted on February 29th 2012, the first true birthday will be in two years time on the 29th February 2016. Today’s posting also happens to be the 666th daily post (I’ve had the odd Sunday off to recharge batteries!). However the loss of an important part of my equipment has made this morning’s posting almost impossible. As they say, the devil is in the detail…

I spent the day yesterday,
With everything quite blurred,
I lost my glasses loading hay,
I know that sounds absurd!

So if you see a horse,
And he’s wearing glasses,
You will know that of course,
He’s off to evening classes!

Today I cannot drive,
So there’s no chance of retail,
Until my specs arrive,
The devil’s in the detail.

Thank you the 75,000+ readers from over seventy-five countries who have visited my blog over the last two years. I hope you enjoyed your visit and we’ll see you again soon!
Keep well and enjoy your life!

© Baldock Bard 2014
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