The Permanent Passengers!


BagforlifeIt is a modern dilemma, you rush to the supermarket to buy something for supper, make your choice, get to the checkout and realise something is missing. That modern companion, the ‘Bag For Life’, has been left in the car and you are forced into a decision; juggle with pile of unbalanced and misshapen objects, buy a flimsy 5pence one-journey-before-split bag or add to the collection of bags living rough in the car…

I have this bag for life,
I keep her in the car,
She and I are happy,
She says that we’ll go far!

But when I go shopping,
and it’s time to pay,
I realise I’m on my own,
and she is far away!

So I buy a replacement,
to add to my collection,
a friend for my ‘lifey’
my carrier bag selection!

Apparently I am the problem and should be more organised! Thank you MD for your diagnosis! Have a great day and don’t forget your BFL!

© Baldock Bard 2016
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