The Troublesome Crop (part 2)!


Last linseedThose of you who make repeat visits to this humble blog may remember the story about the Troublesome Crop on Jan 28th ( and how I was left with just seven tons on the farm. Today it is leaving the farm and we’ll be linseed-less at last…

Later on this morning,
the final linseed goes,
and hopefully with luck,
an end to my linseed woes!

Last week the bulk of the crop,
onto lorry was selected,
only at destination,
the bloody stuff rejected!*

Yesterday the seven tons,
in an attempt to stop a failer,
back through the grainstore system,
and returned to the trailer!

So I have my fingers crossed,
(don’t wish for more alarm),
never want to see the crop again,
once it’s left this farm!

*Having been rejected at destination, Fengrain (the co-operative I sell my produce through) arranged for the load to be taken elsewhere to be corrected. This obviously carries a penalty both for extra transport costs and treatment, no NHS here! All should be well after a long saga! However it did look pretty in the field last summer!
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