The Printer Doctor of Letchworth!


My Laser PrintMy trusty laser printer suddenly started to chew up paper before completely jamming up. Being from the ‘Throw-It-Away-Generation’ I started looking for a new printer. Then I thought about the £110 cartridge that I’d only just installed, added that to the ‘bargain prices’ and thought again! I looked online for a printer repairer and Iain from came into my printer’s life…

I took my printer to the printer doctor,
It was poorly and feeling unwell,
It was unable to digest the paper,
And had paper constipation as well.

I got an appointment in minutes,
Left her in overnight,
By this morning she was feeling much better,
Whirring and printing just right!

So here’s to Iain the printer doctor,
Thanks for the magic performed,
I hope I don’t need to see you shortly,
Because my printing is now perfectly formed!

With many thanks to Iain ( for laying his magic fingers onto my HP and making it better! (The problem was traced to a grape stalk that my granddaughter had inserted thinking the printer was a bin!).  

© Baldock Bard 2015
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