The School Visit!


School VisitThis week we had a school visit from a school in North London. The Year 3 pupils (7&8 year-olds) were very well behaved (as were the staff and parents who accompanied them!). Someone once described this sort of visit as ‘putting something back into the drawer’. I see it, not only as being great fun, but a chance to share what I am so lucky to see every day…

There are times in all our lives,
when we don’t appreciate surroundings,
I complain about the weather,
and make other grumbling soundings!
But when a school group,
comes onto the farm,
they bring joy and wonder,
never sense of alarm.

We major on enjoyment,
learning is a plus,
I’m amazed what I have learned,
when they’ve left upon the bus!
So value what you’ve got,
and then value it some more,
and pass it on to children,
put something back into the drawer!

With thanks to the children, staff and parents for visiting, please come again soon!

© Baldock Bard 2016
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