The Storm and the Swan!


Mrs SwanThe other evening I watched a swan battle her way upstream against the current and in torrential rain. It struck me that although she looked very serene, her life was essentially one of hardship compared to us supposed superior humans. Then I began to wonder if in fact it was the other way round and it was us that should be pitied…

Mrs Swan thought it the norm,
To paddle through a thunderstorm,
Her sole task without complaint,
Protect six cygnets without restraint.

Mr Swan was not however,
Prepared to paddle in any weather,
He would always make a fuss,
Inclement weather made him cuss!

None of the kids dared complain,
For the lack of the latest computer game,
Their only schooling was construed,
To be serene and look for food!

They look at humans and wonder why,
We have a need to sulk or cry:
“Why do they hold themselves aloft?
Look at their lives they must be soft!”

© Baldock Bard 2014
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