The Tractor Drivers Mate!


FlaskIt’s those little improvements in life that you seldom notice that make the greatest impact. Spending hours on the tractor at the moment makes tractor drivers reliant on a vacuum flask. They have improved beyond all recognition: Gone are the cold dregs at teatime, the insipid taste of stale drink or the death-rattle of a dropped flask. The modern flasks are such an improvement it’s hard to remember the old times…

Beside me on the tractor,
Keeping me company all day long,
My vacuum flask is silver,
And it’s very strong!
I used to go through flasks,
Almost by the week,
They’d break if you dropped them,
The glass inside was weak.
And then you’d have to shake them,
Just to check they’d broke,
you’d get a coffee/glass rattle
Like a percussion shakey-bloke!
But now they never let you down,
Indestructible is their name,
They hold so much coffee,
Got to stop the tractor again!

© Baldock Bard 2014
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