Arthur, June and Rover: Highway Ode 4


Since the demise of the Rover car company in the UK, there has been nothing to replace it as the car maker of choice for the discontented elderly driver. There are suggestions that maybe Honda has come close, but they are altogether a more reliable and sensible car and therefore not first choice for the Arthur’s of this world. Any advice on the subject would be gratefully received…

Arthur drives a Rover,
Trilby hat upon his head,
driving gloves and car coat,
his cheeks are glowing red.

He sits in the middle lane
at fifty-five no more,
“It wasn’t like this when I was young,
just before the war.”

He shouts at other drivers,
quite often he’s obscene,
“I pay my tax, I pay my rates,
I sing ‘God save the Queen.'”

June sits there beside him,
she never makes a fuss,
in a year or so his licence will go,
she’ll happily take the bus!

© Baldock Bard
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