Putting Up Shelves!


Today I have been putting up some shelves. Having made use of the First Aid kit when hammer met finger, it made me think just what might have happened. I hope you enjoy this silly little verse…

Putting up some shelves,
with son-in-law, John,
I fell off the kitchen chair,
I was standing on!

Then I drove a nail,
right into the wall,
had no idea,
the pipe was there at all.

Mopped up the water,
on the floor did slip,
all the spare chipboard,
is now fit for the skip.

Used some decent rawl-bolts,
drilled into the wall,
after the flash and sparks,
there’s no electricity at all

Admired our fancy handy-work,
but my wife did frown,
when we loaded the shelf with china,
the bloody thing fell down!

Now I’m in the doghouse,
until who knows when?
As for putting up more shelves,
I won’t be asked again!

© Baldock Bard
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on the 14th April 2012