The Trainee Dog Whisperer!


The Dog's TeacherMy two-year-old granddaughter is trying to teach the dog how to count. Unfortunately the dog shows not the slightest interest in acquiring this new talent. This only serves to redouble efforts towards having the world’s first numerate terrier…

Granddad,” said my granddaughter,
“I’m trying to teach the dog a new trick,
She’s not even paying attention,
She’s acting so silly and thick!”

I pleaded with the dog just to listen,
Take note of all that was said,
She yawned and looked at her teacher,
Then went to sleep in her bed!

“Granddad,” said my granddaughter,
“She’s now snoring and deaf to my pleas,
Make her take note of my lesson,
I’m sure she will soon count with ease!”

The dog opened an eye without interest,
Then rolled over and onto her back,
She wanted her tummy rubbing,
Instead of a numerate attack!

© Baldock Bard 2014
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