The Trolley Rider!


Shopping Trolley RiderHaving taken the Granddaughter shopping this afternoon I have re-learnt a lesson from long ago; shelf-pickers ride in the trolley! It is best not to get too close to the shelves…

The discerning trolley-rider knows,
How to make mum spend at Waitrose!
Down the aisle, to and fro,
Pick off shelves, she won’t know!

Then at the till you snivel and winge,
So she doesn’t notice the extra things!
When we’re home, she starts stropping,
“How did these things get in my shopping?”

The child sits there, thinks: ‘serves her right!
It’s not my fault you’re so uptight!
Perhaps next time you’ll let me choose,
It can’t be worse, you’ve nothing to lose!’

© Baldock Bard 2014
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