The Longest Forkin’ Fork!


Forkin Fork2The other day son-in-law John and I had need to distance ourselves from our work. So we went into the workshop and created the longest handled fork in the county, if not the world…

Needing to get ourselves out of a very deep hole,
We put a fork on an extremely long pole.
We called it Stanislaw, or just plain Stan,
We’d soon be clear if all went to plan!
We pushed, we pulled, moaned and grunted,
In search of a solution, high and low we hunted.
With our very long fork we shifted all the rubble,
with an ‘oh’ and an ‘aah’, we were soon out of trouble.
And we made a flag that we unfurled,
We’ve got the longest forkin’ fork, in the whole forkin’ world!

© Baldock Bard 2014
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