The Bird Watchers!


TwitchersI was enjoying a quiet walk around the farm the other day with my dog. I was calling my faithful hound when suddenly somebody shouted, ‘ssssssssh!’ It was a twitcher and apparently I’m supposed to be deadly quiet when walking on my own land well away from the footpath. This is in case some busy-body trespasser is watching tweety-birds. Needless to say I was not amused and suggested a storage place for his tripod…

Porky and Panda are Twitchers,
They search for the rarest bird,
They’re sometimes economical with the truth,
Use Photoshop I’ve heard!
However last week they scored a hit,
Saw a bird that’s oh-so rare,
Nobody believes they saw it,
“It’s the truth, I saw it, I swear!”
So now they carry a camera,
Tripods, binoculars too,
And if you challenge their sightings,
They’ll tell you noisily to ‘Shoo!”

The photo is merely a serving suggestion, not in any way related to bird-watching, but a couple of innocent surveyors mapping out the route of a new motorway near Slough.

© Baldock Bard 2014
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