The Free Gift!


SpatulaI was shopping yesterday when a magazine caught my eye. Inside the plastic covering was a wonderful FREE GIFT! Despite being the worlds worst cook I just had to buy it. When I returned home I complained that the spatula had made me do it…

I bought my wife a spatula,
The magazine with it was free,
She was impressed with the recipes,
The utensil was just for me!

I wanted to use the spatula,
To clear cake mix from the bowl,
The finished cake was much smaller,
Had become a mini Swiss Roll!

When my mother used to do baking,
I’d always stay very near,
In order not to waste mixture,
It would end up from mouth to ear!

What will happen in future?
With no free gift on the net,
We’ll have to use our fingers,
In a way we might yet forget!

© Baldock Bard 2014
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