The Unfolding View!


I always say that you are only really lost when you come across grass growing down the centre of the road! On Sunday Mrs Bard and I drove to join a friend in a remote holiday cottage near Dolgellau in North Wales. I had forgotten how good isolation is for the soul (as well as no internet access or mobile phone signal within walking distance – good for peace but not for posting!). Apparently when the owners bought this cottage, mist and fog meant they didn’t see the view for four visits, we were somewhat luckier…

I wandered lonely amongst the bracken,
That encroaches on the cattle track,
Holding my phone up to the heavens,
To get a signal to call you back!
All of a sudden I had a thought,
Our conversation meant you’re well,
The spread of mountains that lay before me,
Meant all my worries could go to hell!
I suddenly noticed mountain colour,
Where before had been dark green and brown,
The world around had shared its beauty,
No prettier landscape to be found.
Back inside the former chapel,
All my fears just lifted away,
The hustle and bustle of my existence,
Left back home for another day!
© Baldock Bard 2012
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