Ignoring the Noisy Neighbours!


Yesterday we headed down from our Welsh mountain cottage in the clouds, where we are spending a couple of days with a friend, into the nearest town. The scenery was breathtaking, a picture postcard view around every hairpin bend. The silence was absolute, until we were joined by some noisy neighbours…

Yesterday morning we went into town,
To do some shopping and look around,
It was not far, just down the mountain,
About eight miles but no-one was counting!
So we drove off down the roads single track,
Sat-nav was set to find our way back!
We drove through a narrow high mountain pass,
Hillside sheep were munching away at some grass,
When all of a sudden a deafening sound,
Of a low-level jet fighter hugging the ground!
To be flying that low, the pilots are brave,
I am convinced that I saw one wave!
When I had recovered looked back up the pass,
The sheep were still munching away at the grass!
© Baldock Bard 2012
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