The Vantage Point!


The Vantage PointYou can always tell grandparents these days, they are the ones in a town during the week with babies and toddlers in tow! This may seem like a negative. In my case it’s a great positive, having a generational gap between possible combatants increases harmony! However the space taken up by car seats is another matter…

There’s a car seat on the back seat,
‘Iso-fixed’ in place,
To not have the safest,
Would be an sheer disgrace!
There are crisps in the lining,
A child’s beaker on the seat,
The dogs are waiting hopefully,
For a discarded treat!
But when the seat is empty,
The grandchild has gone home,
It becomes a vantage point,
To allow dogs eyes to roam!

*Before anyone suggests that the picture was taken whilst I was driving, Mrs Bard was at the wheel and I used the reverse camera on my i-phone to take the picture from the passenger seat!

© Baldock Bard 2014
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