The Versemonger!


The VersemongerI had just parked my car in Baldock when a novel idea struck me: a shop where people can buy poetry as easily as a joint of beef or bag of sweets! What is wrong with the Butcher, the Baker and now the Verse-maker! I could sit in the shop and write verse all day, every day (except when popping out for cakes and sweets!) until I become too fat to move. #Getbackinyourboxreality…

Good Morning Mrs Jones,
What is it that you’d like?
I’ve some fresh Sonnets in,
And Rhymes that sound alright!

The Haiku’s seem a little short,
They’re fresh in from Japan,
We’ve Carpe Deum just for today,
And Epitaphs with life span

The Doggerel is out of season,
Couplets come in pairs,
Burlesque shakes a shapely leg,
With Epic under the stairs!

Let me put that in a bag,
Today’s Verse can’t get younger!
Look forward to seeing you back tomorrow,
At Baldock’s finest Versemonger!
© Baldock Bard 2013
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