Racing Farmers!


Drilling BeansThere are a number of famous motor races that include racing at night, Le Mans being the most well-known. Less renowned is the annual race when farmers are busy planting crops in the Spring. In this race the rival is the weather. For a few, bragging rights, over other less-fortunate farmers, are sometimes seen as a bonus…
Night WorkIn the dark the tractors work
Racing to beat the rain
When it starts it may not stop
Like last year again?
Fill DrillThe drill is planting bean seed
The rolls follow on behind
They’ve been on the go since 7am
In Spring that’s what you find!
Bean SeedLate at night the world is still
The tractors in the barn are found!
Empty bags of seed as well
The contents in the ground!
RollsTodays verse is dedicated to the memory of local farmer Peter Hughes who died last week. Peter enjoyed telling a good story and was a wonderful raconteur. He was a contented farmer who loved the land and his community, serving for more years than can be counted on his local Parish Council. Wherever Peter went, laughter was never far behind. One of his famous quotes resides in my file of quotes: When speaking about an Uncle Morton who was a shepherd who never said much, he added: “Take more than a bright star and a second coming to get him going!”
Rest in Peace.

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