The Murmuration!


StarlingsI was driving past the field where I hold Saturday car boot sales the other day when something caught my eye. At a glance it looked as if the electricity wires had thickened. I pulled into the field and realised it was hundreds of starlings congregating on the wires…

Hundreds of birds sitting on the wires,
They are starlings, so it transpires,
They’re named ‘Sturnus Vulgaris’ (by those in the know),
Which sounds rude, but I don’t suppose is so!
Most gregarious, often found in a crowd,
(probably around a bar, acting very loud!).
They used to eat for free from the farmer’s barn,
Authorities now view their presence with alarm.
They’re now common in a pub quiz causing consternation,
When they’re in a group, they’re called a ‘murmuration.’

© Baldock Bard 2014
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