Writer’s Tears!


Writers Tears“Oh, look there’s a squirrel!” is a phrase that a friend uses to describe my attention span. Whilst not particularly worried by this trend, it does sometimes manifest itself when I’m attempting to write and I have to force myself to get on with the job in hand. This morning squirrels are all around and not even the loudest ‘shoo’ will make them leave…

There are some mornings when words don’t come,
I sit at my computer and I feel dumb!
Looking through photos to get inspiration,
Hoping to find some configuration!
This morning is one of those occasions,
When my mind is full of irrelevant invasions;
Should I move beans, oats or wheat?
Or clear out my car and clean the back seat?
For now I’ll make myself a brew,
and then get rid of a squirrel or two!

© Baldock Bard 2014
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