The Youngest Farmer!


Youing FarmerTo grandparents, grandchildren are the most beautiful and gifted children on earth (even if they’re not!). Evolution has made sure that only the best talents and traits are passed down through the generations. I know it’s true, ask any grandparent! They will never be slow to point out where the finest attributes come from and will modestly reply “me of course!” So when my granddaughter arrived dressed for the farm the other morning, it was obvious (to me), where such fashion-consciousness stemmed from…

My granddaughter is a farmer,
She wears a farmer’s cap!
She has tractors on her sleep-suit,
Owns a terrier and a cat!
Her daddy drives a tractor,
She waves when he goes by!
If she ever works in an office,
Then maybe pigs might fly!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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