Dolly’s Proud of her Mummy!


Dolly HGVThere was great excitement amongst the animals on the farm. On Friday a very excited Dolly the Horse rushed up to me to tell me the good news: Charlotte (her mummy!) was not only celebrating a birthday (Dolly was hoping for cake!), but also had also passed her HGV Lorry Test with flying colours. Now all the animals are looking forward to outings! Unfortunately there seemed to be a distinct lack of cake…

Dolly’s proud of her Mummy,
She’s passed her lorry test.
Just in time for Mother’s Day,
Dolly says that she’s the best!
Dolly wants an outing,
To a local show.
She’ll badger her Mummy constantly,
And then she’ll get to go!
Rosettes for her collection,
She will win (of course)!
But there again you must know,
She’s a very talented horse!

So if you see a lorry,
Coming from the farm with wheat,
Don’t be surprised,
Believe your eyes,
Dolly’s in the driver’s seat!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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