There Goes A Man Passing By!


NMANDOf all the millions of words spoken about Nelson Mandela in the last 24hrs, the following are some of the most heartfelt and stirring. I have no idea who wrote these words, but all I can say is that I wish they were mine…

Quiet, brothers.
There goes a man passing by,
he waves farewell
And it’s the last.
There is only one like him,
Note him well.


We all have our ‘Mandela’ stories, this is mine!
As Nelson Mandela was being released from jail, I was kneeling in cow muck with a Channel Four news crew, trying to keep a calf from deserting the shot while attempting to explain the complex issues surrounding EEC farm policy! I could feel the warm poo soaking through my trousers. After three hours the crew called it a day and returned to London with the passing comment, “It’ll be on tonight at seven.” Needless to say I was upstaged that evening by Nelson Mandela, something I didn’t begrudge in the slightest. The trousers never recovered their ordeal and ended up on a scarecrow, I ended up on the cutting room floor and as for Nelson Mandela, the rest is history!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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