Joey the Wood-Carrier!


Joey3My one-year, two-month-old granddaughter has a new boyfriend! Now before you cry fowl, it is at her instigation and despite offering him her precious monkey’s tail (which she sucks, is rancid and thankfully not normally offered), Joey (as we’ll call him!) is totally innocent of any wrong-doing. He lives in New York and is a model. However ladies, he is unique, not only is he easy on the eye and remarkably good company, but he carries and fetches as well (especially wood!)…
JoeyThe ladies of the village,
Fell into a swoon,
When Joey (who’s a model),
Walked into the room.

He was soon surrounded,
By ladies of all ages,
Clucking and a coo-ing,
More than they do for babies!

Was I at all jealous?
As green-eyed monster can?
No, not a bit of it,
He’s a lovely caring man!

Some day when he’s famous,
As I’m sure he’ll be,
He’ll be welcomed back to the village,
By the ladies, granddaughter, and me!
Joey2Joey is off back to New York shortly, North Hertfordshire will miss him!
Visit again soon and Bon Voyage.

© Baldock Bard 2013
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