There’s Always Someone to Blame! (this time it’s me)


Car WashThis morning the media are looking for someone to blame for the rain spoiling everyone’s Easter Day! Unfortunately, just one day’s rain in April can’t be down to climate change, the Environment Agency or events in the Middle East, so they’ve had to widen the search. I might just be able to help…

I took my car to the car wash,
On Easter day afternoon.
The sky looked rather threatening,
I was expecting rain quite soon!

I sat in the waiting room,
Watching the suds and the spray.
Thinking how dirty my car was,
And how little I had to pay!

I drove out of the car wash,
Just as it started to rain,
I should be shamed by the media,
As there’s always someone to blame!

© Baldock Bard 2014
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