Early Morning Pains! (the last piece of Easter egg)


Early Morning St NeotsEarly this morning I was awake, coping with self-inflicted, Easter-egged, stomach-ache! Vowing never to eat chocolate again (until the memory wears off in a day or so), I opened the curtains where I am staying and took in the early morning scene…

It’s 2am, everyone’s asleep,
Dreaming dreams or counting sheep.
Sepia streetlights hold their sway,
Waiting to herald a brand new day.
A few more hours of sleep’s a perk,
It’s Tuesday morning, back to work!
Easter eggs are now mere wrappers,
Hymns an echo of happy clappers!
And life resumes its inevitable course,
Just as cart, comes before the horse!
Work’s been on hold since last Thursday,
Just thirteen days ‘til the next holiday!

Is that a piece of Easter egg that I missed?
(Should now read: “Was that a piece of Easter egg that I missed?”)

© Baldock Bard 2014
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