Those Magnificent Men…!


Flying MachinesDuring the Baldock Car Boot Sale last Saturday we had an air-intrusion that made many customers look to the skies. The angry-wasp sound of a microlight grew louder and louder until the aircraft buzzed down the length of the field and disappeared off over the hill. It reminded me of a film years ago called Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines…

Sunday afternoon film
‘When I were a lad’
An air-race to Paris,
Terry Thomas the cad!
How modern microlights,
Stay in the air,
They look flimsy as biplanes,
Used to look there!
I was once offered a flight,
A microlight pilot I met,
The next time I saw him,
He was upset:
“I was taking off well,
I failed to gain height,
Just six busted ribs,
‘Spose it served me right!’
I remember a man,
Who eschewed modern things,
He said, “If man were supposed to fly,
He’d have given us wings!”

© Baldock Bard 2014
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