Dancing with the Captain!


The CaptainBeing not a great drinker my downfall seems to be drinks that taste un-alcoholic but disguise their true strength behind something like lemonade. This is like stroking a fluffy kitten that then draws blood with tooth or claw, or the horror felt by the poor woman that was sold a mini-pig but ended up with a fully-grown boar that wrecked her town house. So it’s goodbye Captain (until the next time!)…

The Captain called the other night,
I gave in without a fight,
He told me that I’d have great fun,
If I took a glass or two of rum!
At first it tasted sweet and light,
Then the evening turned to night,
Out to play came wobbly legs,
No chance of dancing on empty kegs!
The mouths pronouncements out of control,
Many theories I did extoll,
Come next morning I didn’t feel well,
As I told the Captain to go to Hell!

© Baldock Bard 2014
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