Thoughts About a Terrier!


MaliI was looking at my slumbering dog yesterday and wondering what human career she would have followed. Of course we all think our pooches are capable of far more than would be otherwise obvious. So I had a go at listing possible occupations…

My dog could be a poet or a husky-voiced jazz singer,
or a very accomplished cathedral bell ringer.
She could ride a bike in the Isle of Man TT,
or be a lumberjack and cut down the tallest tree!

She could be a ballerina and strike an impossible pose,
or be a plastic surgeon and reshape someone’s nose!
If she were a chef nothing would ever leave the kitchen,
If she were an estate agent she’d do well to sell in Hitchin!

If she were a funeral director she’d be solemnly dressed in black,
or write for a newspaper and call herself a hack
But all she wants to do is live without a saga
And spend much time asleep… in front of the Aga!

What could your dog do?

© Baldock Bard 2014
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