Toby Shaw!


Toby ShawA friend has a new dog! Nothing unusual about that. You might also be thinking: ‘the Bard didn’t chose to write about our new kitten/hamster/rat/snake/gerbil’. However this is a special dog, not only does he work with Paul Scott (, but he is also a legal im-mutt-igrant from across the sea…

Toby Shaw, Toby Shaw,
Is one lucky Irish hound,
He’s managed to land squarely,
With both feet on the ground!

He’s come from the land,
Of Guinness and the bog!
With the luck of the Irish,
He is one happy dog!

He’s eyeing up a camper van,
That’s in for conversion,
That he want’s to ‘wash’ the wheels,
Is a boy Terrier perversion!

He sits all day,
On a warm workshop floor,
And thanks all the stars,
To be sure, to be sure!

Authors footnote:
Some years ago I spent 3 months in Ballycotton, County Cork. During that time I never heard anyone use the phrase: ‘to be sure, to be sure’! BB.

© Baldock Bard 2013
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