Un-necessary Death (on the side of the road)


Warning DeerWARNING: You may find today’s posting upsetting.
Yesterday lunchtime a lady motorist stood at the door saying that a deer had been hit and was lying seriously injured in a field. In such cases it falls upon us to put the animal out of pain as soon as possible.
It is the worst job on the farm…

In their haste to arrive,
They hit a young deer.
“Oh dear,” they said.
In their haste to drive,
Their car was damaged,
“Oh dear,” they said.
“Oh look, it’s alive,” they said,
As they drove off,
“Oh dear,” they said.

“A deer has been hit,” she said,
“The car drove off,” she said,
“It’s sitting injured in a field,” she said.
“We’ll deal with it,” we said.

We arrived by the side of the road,
there was the deer,
sitting calmly.
Injured  DeerTemptation says:
“It’s ok, we can look the other way,
and drive on, as well.”
Reality says:
“Unsleeve the gun.”

The injured deer
attempts escape
on two legs,
its rear legs dragging
uselessly on the ground.
An awful sound
issues from its very soul:
“Meeuurr, Meeuurr,” it pleads.

The sound dissects me in two,
it looks with big brown eyes,
and with tears running down my cheeks,
I carefully raise the gun,
pull the trigger.
Pain over,
Job done.

With anger I return to the farm,
If I could find the person responsible,
I’d give them,
what they deserved,
and the deer did not.

DeerPlease drive carefully on country roads.
If you see the above sign –

© Baldock Bard 2013
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