Uncle Bill’s Search


Last week Bill Thomas died. For well over twenty years and up to his final breath he didn’t know if his only child, Jamie (now possibly in his mid-fifties), was alive or dead. Every avenue of searching had been exhausted and his death ended many years of unbelievable grief…

Uncle Bill died last week
Spent so much time trying to seek
His son he’d not seen for many a year
It’s horrific when loved-ones disappear
He’d exhausted all the normal routes
Salvation Army and men in suits,
And so last week he passed away
Not knowing if Jamie was alive that day

Phone, text or e-mail an offspring or special person today (or better still, say face to face along with a hug) these two simple words “LOVE YOU” in memory of Bill Thomas.
Please pass on this link so others may do so too:
Thank you.

250,000 people go missing each year in the UK.
The Salvation Army deserve all our thanks and support for their selfless work on our streets. www.salvationarmy.org
Missing People is a UK charity that provides a lifeline and supports families and friends. www.missingpeople.org


© Baldock Bard 2012
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