Rescuing Rat-Nav!


Nothing exciting happens during harvest-time mornings. We clear up in the grain store from the night before and check the moistures of crops in the fields to see which will be harvested that day. In my trusty Isuzu Trooper I have a furry rat given by my daughter and christened ‘Rat Nav’ (see Bard passim: Yesterday morning looked like a very ordinary day. Little did I know that smoke, flames and a fire engine were about to shatter the peace…

I drove to the field to test some wheat,
Things hadn’t gone well and I needed to eat,
I did a test in three of the fields,
Wondering if we’d harvest any good yields.
As I drove back across the stubble,
Steam rose from my bonnet, I was in trouble!
I looked at the gauges and gave them a poke,
It wasn’t steam, it was smoke!
I crossed the road with a squeal of tyre,
The smoke now billowed like a leaf bonfire,
I drove into the yard, stood on the brakes,
‘That sounds like the crackling, a real fire makes!’
I grabbed the moisture tester and a bunch of keys
When I heard a little voice: “Save me please”
I returned once more to the burning pyre
And pulled poor Rat Nav from the fire!
“I know I’m a rat and not a mouse,
but you’ve just destroyed my silver house!”
Just at that moment firemen appeared,
“That’s well alight, just as we feared!”
I quickly passed Rat Nav to my daughter,
Man holding toy doesn’t seem as it oughta!
With fireman gone, I gave the rat an assurance
“We’ll replace your home, we’ve got insurance!”
She tossed her hair, “Doesn’t bother me!”
“I’m off to live, on your JCB!”
© Baldock Bard 2012
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