Unwelcome Guests!


Have you ever had guests that just would not leave? Visitors that, like fish, go off after a few days? It is very pleasant to have welcomed company, but unwelcomed guests can be a problem…

They first appeared about a week ago,
Despite our advances just wouldn’t go.
We employed the dogs they didn’t care,
Very soon they were everywhere!

We borrowed a cat who just did sleep,
They taunted her like stampeding sheep.
Then they started to dance at night,
The noise was enough to give us a fright!

At last we’d had enough of that,
And in each cupboard laid a trap.
For sleepless nights retribution seek,
I’ve had 25 mice in just one week!

Now we’re down to the very last few,
No mouse traps left in B&Q!
The last visitor to leave I heard mutter:
“It’s deadly stuff, that peanut butter!”

© Baldock Bard 2012
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