The Passing of Comet!


If there’s one sign that is indicative of our times it is the failure of the Comet store. Much has been said about the apparent failure of their ‘bolt-on’ website, placement of stores, competition from on-line retailers and failure to move with the times. I have to admit that I haven’t shopped with them for many years and couldn’t even tell you when their famous bargain-filled full-page adverts in local papers disappeared. However I will mourn their passing as the store that sold me a car radio with aerial for my first car, my first television and a my first record/cassette/CD unit! Unlike other comets that reappear after a time, this one is gone for good…
The Comet store is closing down,
I went to see what’s there,
I didn’t really want anything,
Apparent bargains everywhere.
Great big signs ‘ALL STOCK REDUCED,’
Hanging from the ceiling,
Most shoppers wandering aimlessly,
“There’s nothing new,” the feeling.
The crowds were greater than before,
Rushing for one last time,
Today the store is empty,
You’ll find them all online.
© Baldock Bard 2012
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