The Wait For Welsh Hooks!


Missing KeysWe have had a friend to stay fo a couple of nights. Apparently when she last stayed with us I was desperately searching for keys that I had mislaid. With this in mind she bought me a remedy which is now installed, in use and already irreplaceable…

“Where are those bloody keys?
I put them on the table,
Someone must have picked them up,
Didn’t drop them in the stable!”
I really must get hooks,
On which to put my keys,
Then they’ll always be to hand,
I’ll find them all with ease!”

But the job of finding hooks,
Became one to do ‘tomorrow’,
And keys were still being mislaid,
Causing grief and sorrow.
Friend Sian came to stay,
And bought me a prescription,
Inscribed above some useful hooks
This simple Welsh Inscription…

“Here’s a place to keep the keys,
instead of looking
all over the house for hours!”

Diolch Sian, Angharad & Rhodri!

© Baldock Bard 2014
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