Wasted Signage!


Motorway SignMrs Bard was chauffeuring me along the M4 the other day when one of the roadside signs suddenly sprang into life. CAUTION it flashed! 40 it warned! Alongside was a pictogram of a line of cars. Had I exceeded the age limit to be on this road at this time, was this the number of parking spaces left in Bristol or had they discovered that the answer to life was now 40? Naturally the road ahead was clear. I grabbed the camera and Mrs Bard eased off the throttle on the Bard-mobile. The next sign was either having the equivalent of an electronic nap or was at the dentist and still the road was clear. No queue, no parking spaces left in Bristol and no point…

Those motorway signs,
Don’t you love ‘em?
Can you ever believe what they say?
When the road is all clear,
It would appear,
Could ruin your day!

Caution is a very big word,
For them to use before ten!
So if they,
Have nothing to say,
Step away from the sign,
Think again!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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