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Countrycheeses1Discovering hidden treasures is one of the great joys when you visit a strange town or city. Last week we stayed with friends in Topsham near Exeter. I was absolutely bowled over by the variety of the displays in their cheese shop. Someone should start a campaign: “Stuff the Supermarket – Buy Local”. Country Cheeses would be an ideal place to start…

More cheese on display than you can conceive,
Visit Country Cheeses so you can believe!
Chemmy is named after our Downhill Skiing Queen,
Quicke’s Mature is not contrary but keen!
Sweet Charlotte is holey, but girlie she aint,
Cropwell Bishop is a Stilton, good enough for a Saint!
Ticklemore Goat will tickle you taste,
Pendragon buffalo is good for the waist!
All of these cheeses can be found on the net,
Visit their website: Tastes not to forget!

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