Water Lane – Water Road – Water Field – Water Water!


Water LaneThere is water everywhere, on roads, on fields and in houses. I’ve even seen a flood on a hill! On the farm our squad of resident geese are confused. Despite having held a hastily convened meeting, they still have no idea where their new pond has come from. One day there was a grass field, the next morning there was a pop-up pond. Having tried it for size and depth they have gone back to their more permanent home…
Confused GeeseThe geese are confused,
They really don’t know why,
A pop-up pond’s appeared,
After rain fell from the sky.
They don’t know about drainage,
On flooding they’re not clear,
The only thing they know,
Is Lord Smith is not here!
There are no signs to warn them,
By chance they cannot read,
They don’t even have 24hr news,
To keep them up to speed!
They’ve not rung the Environment Agency,
Nor Number Ten,
They are just looking for,
Normality once again!
So if you see a bewildered goose,
Point him in our direction,
He will have made a mistake
In his sat-nav address selection!
Popup PondFor world-wide readers – Lord Smith is the supposed head of the Environment Agency (a government quango that apparently manages our rivers!) 

© Baldock Bard 2014
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