Wet Toes!


Some things in life are pleasant: A letter from a long lost friend, the warm cuddle from a newly-bathed baby or a small (or large!) scratchcard win. Discovering you have a hole in your wellies is not pleasant. You step into the flood, ever-mindful of depth and suddenly experience a cold damp feeling around the toes. By this stage it is too late, the damage is done and you might as well throw the offending welly into the river…

There’s a hole in my welly,
I didn’t know was there,
I discovered it in a flood,
It is just not fair!

I thought I’d be safe,
Puddling around,
Wet toes aren’t fun,
I suddenly found!

My left sock is damp,
I’ve now got to drive,
Do I change my shoes,
Before I arrive?

I decide to drive bare,
My toes are now cold,
My excuse when refueling,
Is that I am old!

If anyone has a size 8 left foot foot Wellington boot without a hole (preferably green but would accept black at a push) I’d consider a swap! E-mail address below:

© Baldock Bard 2012
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One thought on “Wet Toes!

  1. My dad always put a couple of plasters over the hole from the inside make sure they are waterproof ones and his wellies lasted a bit longer, then he would only throw the damaged one away and keep the other one in the barn until such time that the new pair he had brought also sprung a leek then he would go to the barn fetch the old one out and hopefully have a good pair again even if they did differ in colour slightly.the hole in your wellie could of been the mice getting their own back , regards Lucy xx

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