Who Left the Gate Open?


Open GateDo we truly appreciate our surroundings? I think not and I am as bad a culprit as you can get. I went into the wood yesterday evening to photograph some bluebells. As I was leaving the sun caught my eye as it streamed through an open gate. Without knowing how my much-used Panasonic would deal with all those things it does, I snapped off a couple of shots. It was only when I returned to the office that I truly believed the beauty of the scene, however the farmer in me posed the question – who left the gate open…?

Was it Tommy from the cottage walking his dog?
Or John with his chainsaw, after sawing a log?
Was it some deer that had been, on grass just grazing?
Or some hesitant ramblers, who were lost from near Nazeing?
Was it daughter Siân, with my baby grand-daughter?
Or a cat after songbirds, intent on some slaughter?
Was it a rabbit dandelioning away from its burrow?
Or a raptor on a mission, chasing a sparrow?
Was it a fox with a mouth full, of my missing hen?
Or the hounds with the hunt, who have lost it again?
Was it Charlotte on Dolly, out for a ride?
Or a poacher with a pheasant, hung from his side?
I really don’t know who it could be,
Of one thing I’m certain,
it was most probably me!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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