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Windy Cans (1)There are times in our daily lives when, in hindsight, we could describe as being, “you know, like, the same-ish!” It is like that fourth cup of coffee that you’re drinking; not because you’re thirsty, or need that caffeine kick, or being sociable, it was just there! However, like suppertime when you just don’t know what you would like, there’s always the default position of baked beans…

Trying to think of what to say,
in my little verse today,
I considered writing about the news,
but it is gloomy and just views.
Of course the weather caught my eye,
but you don’t want to see a farmer cry!
I searched for a topic that was not there,
so ended up with much hot air!

Have a great weekend, full of happiness and shared with someone you love.

© Baldock Bard 2015
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