Best of the Worst or Worst of the Best?


Barn doorSometimes in life we make idiotic decisions despite the advice of others. If they are kind they stay silent, some say ‘told you so’ while others go further. This year, the year of the atrociously wet harvest, was the year I chose not to use the straw chopper on the combine and bale all the straw. True, it has meant that when we were able to harvest, the machine has travelled faster, so as a result we have more dry grain in the barn and have used less fuel. However there is an obvious visible and very damp downside on show to all who drive pass the farm…

Is this harvest:
The best of the worst?
Or the worst of the best?
That I can’t decide.
It’s as if I’ve taken all my luck,
and left it in a bag outside.

The combine rushes up and down the field,
between many days of rain,
leaving the straw in long neat rows,
I’m pushing my luck again.

So despite having an over-full barn,
not room for very much more,
out in the field lies my luck,
row upon row of damp straw.

If anyone knows where I can buy a few days of dry and sunny weather, please can they get in touch. I don’t mind if they are used or new, home-grown or foreign, boxed or unboxed, just no more buckets of rain for a while please! 

© Baldock Bard 2015
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