Wild Swimmers!


Wild SwimmerHave you ever done something where people questioned your sanity? The other day I watched a group of swimmers leap into a river. It made me feel so cold I put on an extra jumper. Some of them enjoy having a little swim for nearly a mile, then hop on a bike (without even drying their hair – what would my mother have said?) for a further twenty-five miles, then abandon the bike for a six-mile run. Speaking as an expert in the field of sitting and lying down, they have my respect. I think I’ll just watch, thank you for asking…

How about a swim in the river?
A little February surprise!
We could jump in together,
Would it bring tears to your eyes?
There is a group who will do this,
They’re training on a river near you.
I wish them all the very best,
They’re Wild Swimmers, I would be too!

© Baldock Bard 2013

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