You just can’t trust shepherds these days!


On Tuesday night there was an absolutely spectacular sunset. Using the tried and tested shepherd’s-rhyme I made my plans for Wednesday. Nature’s light-show predicted a dry day, no matter what the forecaster’s said…

“Red sky in the morning, shepherds warning,
Red sky at night, shepherds delight,”
Ha-bloody-ha, that’s not true,
Old country saying, gone askew!

Wednesday morning I tell all,
“Going to be dry here in Clothall,”
Can you imaging: I looked a buffoon,
When it was raining before noon!

I rang a firm to order fuel,
Told Sue that I felt a fool!
She adjusted a line, although rather dire:
“Red in the morning, shepherds hut’s on fire!”

Run shepherd, run shepherd,
Run, run, run.
Here comes Baldock Bard with his
Gun, gun, gun…etc.
With apologies to Flanagan and Allen et al, 1939/1940

© Baldock Bard 2012
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