Zen and the Simple Theory of Tractor Maintenance!


Fastrac PloughingMany years ago a fitter for a local tractor dealer explained his ‘Simple Theory of Tractor Maintenance’: “Tractors only break down,” he said, “when you use them. If you are concerned about breakdowns, leave them in the shed.” Yesterday our trusty JCB Fastrac was feeling under the weather…

Oh dear me!
What can we do,
The tractor’s broken,
And we’re all blue!
It started when,
John went to plough,
The computer’s sick,
We don’t know how!
It started to flash,
A sequence of twenty,
Trouble we thought,
We’ve got a-plenty!
So on the phone,
To the local dealer,
Who we always call,
Our Faith Healer!
We tried to describe,
What was wrong,
Our attempts to explain,
Agony prolong!
But then they came,
Of course they knew,
Replaced a part,
Happiness anew!
Worried about breakdowns?
Listen to Fred,
Simple answer,
Don’t leave the shed!

Oliver Landpower are our tractor gurus.
Find ‘Big Boys Toys’ aplenty at http://www.atoliver.co.uk/landpower/

© Baldock Bard 2013
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